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Roadtrippers.asia is here to share our experiences on our road-trips designed to look for delicious food, exciting destinations, fabulous accommodations and amazing experiences (and not forgetting we are also reviewing the ride and gadgets that we bring along on our trips).

We focuses on road-trips as we believe there is nothing like a road-trip with friends and family as it not only opens up our mind but also bond us closer together. So we do encourage our readers to take on some of our road-trips with your friends or family and experience them yourself.

If you would like us to drop by and visit your establishments or test your car or review a gadget, do drop us a line at andrew@bigimpact.my. We are based out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia but will always be on a look out to plan and craft new road-trips in the region.

Join us roadtrippers.asia as our adventures take you to some of the exotic places, enjoy some of the most amazing food, test drive some of the coolest rides and stay in some of the most fabulous hotels and resort

If you would like us to drop by for a review of your establishments, do drop us a line at roadtrippers.asia@gmail.com

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