Baan Suan Noi ~ more than a hobbit resort in Khao Yai

Khao Yai is about 175km from Bangkok (about 3 hours drive) and has been one of the favorite destinations for tourists in recent years.  Boasting a cooler climate, especially in the winter months, an UNESCO World Heritage National Park and host of “European-themed” destinations, Khao Yai now is one of the most visited region in Thailand.

In our recent trip to Khao Yai, we checked into this famous resort – Baan Suan Noi, which is also known to many as the hobbit resort of Thailand. Located slightly further north on Highway 2 in Khao Yai, Baan Suan Noi is not only a lovely hotel but also an attraction for those who are not staying at the resort.

Although known by many as a hobbit home resort in Thailand, Baan Suan Noi actually has more to offer than just a hobbit home resort.  A big part of the resort is dedicated to a hobbit theme resort, but you will also find a mini-Santorini resort (where we actually stay) as well as a block of European fairy-tale themed rooms.

The resort is big with a few lakes in between the rooms as well as the common area, which consists of a few themed display rooms, dining (and kitchen), a cosplay clothing center, indoor and outdoor backdrops. Parking is aplenty here and I would say one of the best way to see Khao Yai is by driving on your own.

We stayed a few nights in Baan Suan Noi, so time was with us to explore the resort and check out their various type of rooms. As mentioned, we decided to stay in mini-Santorini instead of the hobbit home. Our room was huge in size, I would say easily 50 sqm with two king-size beds, built in-side tables, a living space with a small work or vanity table, open cloth-rack, and a pretty good size bathroom and a small pantry area. I would say the room would easily sleep 4 comfortably.

Above our room is a common roof-top space where its a good place to hang-out or like us, we had our mookata-dinner there. You can make a request for the hotel to make arrangements for a mookata dinner for your party.

Set breakfast is served at the main dining hall and comprises of a bowl of porridge as well as an English breakfast set and a glass of orange juice. Coffee and tea is free flow on the side. Its delicious, but only draw back is they serve the same food everyday.

All the rooms here at the resort are of different sizes and layout to comfortably suit your party of two or even to a party of eight. There are many interconnecting rooms which makes this resort ideal for families or big group visiting Khao Yai.  Here are some of the interior layout of the rooms we visited.

Apart from the rooms, they also have a setup a few rooms just for enthusiast to capture their moments. There are layouts of living space, study rooms, dining halls, kitchen and bath in one of the hobbit home.

Beside having the opportunity to live in like a hobbit, guest to the resort enjoy complimentary access to their volume of cloth rental of various famous characters from the movies (or fairy tales).  Non-hotel guests also can enjoy this facility with a small charge. Once dressed up in your favorite character, you can go out to snap away. They have build quite a number of backdrop for one to take their favorite photos at.

Personally I think Baan Suan Noi Resort would be an ideal resort for your family vacation or a fun trip with friends to Khao Yai and I do look forward to going back to Khao Yai again son. This resort is ever expanding and I am sure it will have a lot more new things in a year or so.

Baan Suan Noi Resort
292 Lat Bua Khao
Sikhio District
Nakhon Ratchasima
30340 Thailand
Tel: +66 81 2915160

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