Enjoy the best New York-style Shrimp Burgers here in Subang

I came across this restaurant called Autumn Shrimp Restaurant in SS15 recently and decided to give it a try. This restaurant specializes in serving the freshest tiger shrimp burger in town and there are quite a few varieties of them to suit your palate.

Jointly opened by a local entrepreneur who’s background was in the shrimp export business and his buyer in New York, his ambition in opening this Autumn Shrimp Restaurant is so that local Malaysians can for the first time to enjoy quality and fresh tiger shrimp burger like those sold in New York City at an affordable prices.

With its first and only outlet right now in Subang Jaya SS15, Autumn Shrimp Restaurant is a outlet with few simple decors, a city skyline on the wall and images of New York City. However, I am told this outlet will cease to operate by the end of the month while they awaits their new outlet to be opened in 8 Conlay in the heart of the city, so if you want to enjoy these burgers, you have only about a week and a half to enjoy them.

As an exporter of tiger shrimp from Malaysia, the owner brings in the premium crustaceans live to the outlet and the shrimp patties are made fresh at the outlet daily, thus with each bite of the burger, you can taste the freshness and enjoy the chunks of tiger shrimp in it. As an exporter of these tiger shrimp, he is also able to maintain an affordable cost, even though each of the 130gm patties are packed with mixture of the tiger shrimp chunks and minced shrimp.

We tried five of their shrimp burger including the recently introduced Sambal Shrimp Burger, which turns out to be my favorite. We also had their Queens Shrimp Burger (Shrimp Patty with Tobiko Sauce), Manhattan Shrimp Burger (Shrimp Patty with Kimchi Sauce), The Bronx Shrimp Burger (Shrimp Patty with Spicy Cheese Sauce), and the Staten Island Shrimp Burger (Shrimp Patty with Spicy Mayo Sauce).

These burgers are priced below RM30.00 each and is well worth every penny you spend as you get a thick fresh all-shrimp patty to go with the nicely toasted buns and the different condiments .

My favorite from these four burgers is definitely the Queens Shrimp Burger which I felt the Tobiko sauce blended very well with the Shrimp Patties.

The Bronx Shrimp Burger is pretty nice too, especially for those who like a cheesy and spicy burger. The flavor of this burger is quite intense.

If you are not a fan of cheese but likes some spiciness to your taste buds, then I believe the Staten Island Shrimp Burger would be your choice. Fresh breaded shrimp burger patties, topped with crisp lettuce and tomato and smothered with spicy mayo sauce sandwich between toasted buns.

The Manhattan Shrimp Burger which has the KimChi sauce is the least favorite of mine as I am not a fan of Kimchi at all, but my friend who loves Korean food, loves this burger.

Apart from the burgers, Autumn Shrimp also has some pasta and croissant with Tiger Shrimp but we already had quite a fair bit on our plate. We also added on their fries + drink (for just RM 5.00).

It’s kind of sad that we have just discovered this outlet but it will be closing down after its lease end this month but of course we will look out for its new opening at 8 Conlay along Jalan Conlay in the very near future.

Autumn Shrimp Restaurant
No 95, Jalan SS15/4C
SS 15, Subang Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 016-3286977
For Deliveries:

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