Hong Kong style cafe that ensure your safety while dining in

I had a visit to a “purple-ticked” Hong Kong style “kopitiam” called Good Luck Kopitiam in Taman Connaught recently and was glad to find that not only did the café serves pretty good Hong Kong style food but they also took the additional step to ensure that their cafe’s indoor air quality is well taken care off with AIRAH Australia’s Product of the Year Finalist 2021 called SAN-Air.

The café has an extensive menu comprising of the usual Hong Kong favorites as well as some local and western (only serves in the evening) items and we tried quite a few of them.

For appetizers, we pick up some egg on toast with truffles butter, our traditional kaya and butter toast, some dim sum items like spicy fried siew mai, BBQ meat polo bun, charcoal salted egg buns and for the mains, we ordered the dry curry mee and the nasi lemak with curry chicken. As for dessert, we had the mandarin peel red bean dessert.

My favorite item from the list that we ordered would be the BBQ meat polo bun and the charcoal salted egg buns from the appetizer menu and the dry curry mee from the main. The polo buns were fresh, flaky on the outside and moist and soft on the inside and the fillings were generous and tasty. The charcoal salted egg buns were soft and fluffy and the runny fillings were just perfect. For the dry curry mee, the portion was generous and you get that oomph with each mouthful you take.

For the nasi lemak with chicken curry, I felt it was just OK. I usually like my rice to be more rich in santan and a strong sambal to go with it however the curry chicken was good and made up for the lack of oomph from the sambal.

I do like the Mandarin Peel Red Bean dessert as I find it not too sweet and the mandarin peel was not overwhelming as I sometimes do find in some others. The dessert has a nice blend of the flavors and gives you a wonderful wrap to your meal.

I would say I enjoyed my late lunch here with lovely food and what amazes me is the effort of the owners to take additional precaution in keeping their customers and employees safer with the installation of the SAN-Air Air Purification products.

I was informed that the SAN-Air is pretty much the only active natural air-purifier in the market where its actives are derived from a blend of essential oil from more than 20 anti-bacterial plants native to Australia and has independent lab tests that prove the product’s efficacy to effectively eliminate 99.95% of bacteria and viruses (including that of the corona-family) on surfaces as well as in the air. Since diners are mask-down during dining, I believe this product will greatly help to reduce the risk of the transmission of the Covid-19 virus, especially with the highly contagious Omicron variant now in the country and I do hope that more retailers are taking pro-active actions to keep their customers and employees safe.

For this reason and for the taste of the dry curry mee that still lingers in my mind, I shall return to this café in the near future again.

Good Luck Kopitiam
49G Jalan Menara Gading 1
Medan Connaught
56000 Kuala Lumpur

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