Top 5 dimsum places in Hatyai

Apart from Thai cuisine, one of the favorite food to eat when I travel to the Southern city of Thailand, Hatyai is dimsum. The dimsum here unlike in most places are smaller in size (probably just about half the size of dimsum found in the other regions but there are tons of choices of dimsum for you to pick. The cost usually runs about 18-20 Thai Baht per dish and most (pretty much all) dimsum places here also serve bak-kut-teh too.  Over my weeks spent here in the third largest city of Thailand, I had the opportunity to visit many of these dimsum places and here are my  five favorite shops.

1. Ama Dimsum – 542, Thumnoonvithi Rd, Hat Yai, Hat Yai District, Songkhla 90110, Thailand

I rank Ama Dimsum the best dimsum in Hatyai because it is great dimsum choices, the food is delicious and the ambiance of the restaurants is great. Only draw back for this restaurant is that it is a little off downtown Hatyai and you might need to hop on a tuk tuk or drive to this outlet.

2. Kho Nang Tae Tiam – 162 and 164 Thanon Niphatuthit 3

I rank Kho Nang Tae Tiam as the #2 dimsum place in Hatyai as their dimsum is probably one of the most delicious in town. The location is also right in downtown Hatyai and walking distance from most downtown hotels. However, when I visited the place, I guess a tour-bus had just came and gone and there were not many choices of dimsum left, but suffice for my selection.  The ambiance of the restaurant is just OK but it is ranked up there because of the taste of its dimsum.

3. Chok Dee Dimsum – 58/25 Lamai Songkrew Rd.Hat Yai 90110, Thailand

Chok Dee Dimsum is probably the most famous dimsum shop in Hatyai and is always packed with people. They have great choices (although I believe Ama had more) and its taste is not too bad. However I ranked it #3 because it is always packed and can be a pain to get a table. They have opened up Chok Dee 2 and I have visited the its second outlet and found the choices are much lesser there and also the freshness of its dimsum is a little lacking. Chok Dee dimsum is also a little off the main grid of downtown Hatyai but still walkable.

4. Cook Chai Dimsum – Thoongsao 1 RoadHat Yai 90110, Thailand

Cook Chai dimsum is rank #4 because of its good choices of dimsum and also its taste, however I find this dimsum outlet mainly caters to the local as you don’t find too many tourists coming. One reasons could be is off the grid from downtown Hatyai.  Another great plus for this outlet is you can choose what ingredients you want in your bak-kut-teh if you are in for bak-kut-teh with dimsum in the morning.

5. A Little Restaurant – 93/3 Sanehanusorn RoadHat Yai 90110, Thailand

A Little Dimsum Restaurant is a much lesser know dimsum place in Hatyai as it serves more the Hong Kong style dimsum in a very cafe-like environment. Its a much more expensive and upscale yet casual dimsum outlet here in Hatyai and their dimsum is pretty delicious and also unique. Thus for that reason, it makes it to my #5 best dimsum place in Hatyai.

I hope you like the choices ~ again this is my personal preferences for the selected dimsum items that I like. Do look forward for more of my favorites and travel advises here on


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