The MSBK250 B Class has definitely injected some interesting twists to the race category this season. Muhd Amir Izzat Rozali of HORIZON RACING TEAM is further amped for Round 3 of the Malaysia Superbike Championship which will be held in Sepang this weekend.

As a privateer, Amir has displayed quite the skill in the race category for a number of years now. In 2020, he bagged the second spot on the podium with a total of 65 points in the one-race season. Although he was absent from the scene in 2021, he came back this season with a strong performance in Round 2 and grabbed the “Weekend Warrior” title.

For aspiring riders like Amir, MSBK has become a ground that helps them further accentuate their innate abilities and gives deeper meaning to their passion. According to him, “MSBK is the only race that offers the 250cc race category in our country. It is highly organised on a proper circuit like the Sepang International Circuit which gives the team and I an opportunity to ride alongside professional riders thus enhancing ourselves further in the motorcycle racing scene.”

Amir was not able to take part in Round 1 and despite that, he rode steadily to the chequered flag in all three races in Round 2. He said, “I could not participate in Round 1 due to unavoidable matters but I was thrilled to have been back for Round 2. Of course, there were many prior preparations done but my biggest guide was my past experiences in the MSBK250 back in 2019.”

“Not forgetting the team and crew members who have worked on the machine to produce one that is competitive to compete in MSBK. It is one of the crucial aspects in racing to have a machine setup that complements one’s riding style and in my case, the machine was perfect that way. The suspension setting was good for my body weight too. Overall, the compliments go to the team who has done a great job with the machine.”

With Round 3 being the final race for the season, Amir is looking at keeping up to his performances. He said, “I will try my level best to further improve my lap time and be more consistent. I want to retain my position. Apart from the physical and fitness preparations, I frequently participate in open track day at SIC as part of my training for MSBK.”

“For the coming round, I have been working on my physique. I spend my time at the gym, cycling and also training on the machine at Sepang go-kart on a daily basis except on Sundays. That would be my off-day. But even then, I do my own self-training like jogging. I know that I need more training to obtain a more consistent lap time for each race. This is the main thing that I would have to work on for further improvement.”

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