Sepang – The Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSBK) is back on once again with Round 2 at the Sepang International Circuit (SIC) starting from 2 Sept 2022 to 4 Sept2022. As a starter, the championship today heated up the circuit with the practice sessions.

Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin of YAMAHA GEN BLU RACING TEAM ASEAN took the fastest score today for the MSBK1000 A Class.

Kasma giving a thumbs up for his performance

Kasma once again pulled it off at the MSBK championship with a remarkable lap time in practice session 2 when he logged in at 2’08:226s taking down Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman who made fastest in practice session 1 at 2’08:646s. Kasma who took the second fastest in practice session 1 at 2’08:782 upped his speed later on to combat the time sheet and it worked when made the fastest time combined.

Kasma took the win in Round 1 when he made 70 points during the race weekend. It sure seems like he is penning his way to another shot at victory this round starting off with the best lap time.

Commenting on the practice session, Kasma said, “Today, everything went smoothly. Our team riders have made it quite well in the MSBK600 at top five and also in MSBK1000, where I was able to clock in fastest.”

“For the qualifying session and the race, I will try and do my best, better than the practice sessions. We will only know the outcome tomorrow.”

Azlan of HORIZON RACING TEAM clocked in the second fastest at 2’08:376s with an improved lap time in practice session 2.

At third fastest spot, it was Muhd Zaqhwan Zaidi of BOON SIEW HONDA RACING TEAM, logging in his best at 2’08:991s for both practice sessions.

As for the MSBK1000 B Class, Osama Mareai made the fastest for the practice session.

Osama seems to possess both dexterity and luck this season. His participation in Round 1 saw him bag victory in the class when he maximised his points in Race 2 and Race 3.

In practice session 1, Osama made his fastest at 2’16:201s and in practice session 2, he made it with a slight improvement in his lap time at 2’15:959s.

Commenting on the practice session, Osama said, “Today’s weather was good but I checked the forecast for tomorrow and it seems that it will be a rainy day. I hope not but in case if it rains, I am better prepared for this round and it would be good for my brakes as it would help cool it down. That would give a better stopping power.”

“For today’s practice, it was really good. I managed to get back on the machine now. I have not been able to ride since the last round because I had an accident that ended with a broken rib. So, I am still trying to immerse myself into the feel of riding. I have some clutch issues currently and it is being fixed. Keeping my fingers crossed that everything will go smoothly tomorrow.”

Logging in second fastest for the practice session combined was Khoo Chee Yen of MOBILUB SUZUKI RACING TEAM at 2’17:967s.

At the third fastest, Teo Yew Joe clocked in at 2’18:823s.

For the MSBK600 Class, Andi Farid Izdihar of ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM clocked in fastest at the practice session for Round 2.

It is their first time, ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM and Andi, participating in the Malaysia Superbike Championship. Nevertheless, Andi seemed confident, taking a stride on the circuit among some of the best names in the class.

In practice session 1, Andi clocked in his best at 2’10:878s. In practice session 2, he made it at 2’11:880s after Muhd Ibrahim Mohd Norrodin who made fastest for that session with 2’11:177s. The combined result however puts Andi on the fastest spot for the practice session.

Commenting on the practice session, Andi said, “I managed to get my best lap time in practice session 1 as the weather condition was better. During the practice session 2, it was a little hot and I also did not have a very good feeling with my machine. The mechanics are currently working to identify any issues with the machine. Overall, today was good. I will focus better for tomorrow’s qualifying session.”

“This is my first time in MSBK but most of the riders are those who are also participating in the ARRC. To me, the standards of MSBK are almost similar to that of the ARRC. I will do my best and hopefully, it will be a good one.”

Ibrahim of SIC RACING team takes the second fastest time combined.

At the third fastest time, Muhd Helmi Azman of BOON SIEW HONDA RACING TEAM made his fastest at 2’11:376s.

In the MSBK250 A Class, Muhd Idlan Hakimi Raduan of BOON SIEW HONDA RACING TEAM logged in fastest.

With Round 2 being the first round for Idlan this season, he showcased quite the speed in practice session 1 when he clocked in at 2’30:123s and although he took a few seconds short to make a better lap time in practice session 2, he still made it the fastest.

In the year 2021, Idlan put on a good show in Round 2 of the championship when he scored second spot in Race 1 and third spot in Race 2. He did not participate in Round 1. In 2020, Idlan emerged at the top spot when he won Round 1. This year, Idlan will continue to ride aboard the Honda CBR250RR.

Commenting on the practice session, “I am glad to have made the fastest in both practices today – thanks to the setup of the machine. I hope to do better in the qualifying tomorrow.”

“I was not able to participate in Round 1 due to an injury. But this round, I will be taking the strides alongside my teammate, Irfan Haykal and we hope to do the best for our team.”

Coming in at the second fastest spot was M. Farish Hafiy Farid Sezli of SIC RACING team clocking in his fastest at 2’30:923s.

At the third fastest spot, Emil Idzhar Ezuan also of SIC RACING team, making his best at 2’31:007s.

As for the MSBK250 B Class, Ahmad Fariz Zafri of BUDAK KIMIA-JOND CHAIN LUBE RACING BY BRAAAP team took the fastest hit.

Fariz who rode aboard the Yamaha YZF-R25 made an impressive lap time when he clocked in at 2’42:799s. He took the fourth spot in Round 1 this season with a total of 20 points in Race 1 and 16 points in Race 3.

In 2020, Fariz took the third place in the overall standings with one podium in Race 2, completing the season with a collection of 42 points. While Fariz is no stranger to the scene of MSBK, the year 2020 marked his move up the performance ladder.

Commenting on the practice session, Fariz said, “First of all, thanks to my team for the preparations made for this round. The setup today is a little different from the previous round. The last round, the setup was a standard one but this time around we are utilising a more advanced engine which provides better speed.”

“To be honest, I am not very satisfied as there is a lot of improvement to be made. The weather today has been good; bright and sunny. Hopefully, it will remain like this until the end of Race 3.”

His teammate, Mohd Ezrix Shayriz took the second fastest spot at 2’44:090s aboard the Honda CBR250RR.

At the third fastest spot, Muhammad Fauzi Hasan who rode the Kawasaki Ninja 250 clocked in at 2’44:743s.

For the YAMALUBE Y16ZR Race MasterClass, Rahimi Nabil Razu of TME MOTORSPORTS clocked in fastest for the practice session.

In Round 1, Rahimi was placed at the 27th spot when he failed to collect any points. However, Rahimi made the fastest today when he clocked in at 2’52:172s.

Commenting on the race, Rahimi said, “In practice session 1 today, I was still not very comfortable with the machine. In practice 2, I tried my best to get accustomed to the machine.”

“I followed the moves of other riders and learnt from there. I hope to do better tomorrow.”

At the second fastest spot, Muhd Zaki Ahmad Zamri of HOCK LIONG MOTOR RACING clocked in at 2’52:704s.

Coming in at the third fastest spot was Ahmad Syukran Aizat Yusoff of TAYCON MOTOR logging in at 2’52:719s.

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