Sepang – The recent MSBK race Round 2 Race 2 which happened on the 4th Sept saw the showmanship between the leaders of MSBK1000 A Class concluded with Muhd Zaqhwan Zaidi of BOON SIEW HONDA RACING TEAM boasting victory in Race 2 of the Malaysia Superbike Championship (MSBK).

It was a nip and tuck between Zaqhwan and Kasma throughout the race. Zaqhwan fled to a blistering speed as the race flagged off and while Kasma took the fourth spot on the grid, he gradually pulled himself up to P2 by the third lap.

Lap after lap, Zaqhwan took strides, with the lead position in hand while Kasma breathed down his neck, waiting for the opportunity to strike. Unfortunately, Zaqhwan was smooth and consistent throughout the 10-lap race and by the last lap, the gap became wider.

Zaqhwan was off to a victorious speed when he marked 21’31:071s.

Commenting on the race, Zaqhwan said, “I enjoyed my race earlier. For the first two laps, I took a more relaxing approach and thought that the riders behind me would make their moves. However, I realised later on that they were probably struggling with their speed. I did not know the gaps between the riders tailing me.”

“I just stayed focused and kept on to a consistent pace throughout. I paid more attention to the machine and tried to understand it better. There is another race coming up after this so I will work on seeing the best approach for it.”

Kasma Daniel Kasmayudin of YAMAHA GEN BLU RACING TEAM ASEAN followed suit at 21’31:737s.

At third place, Azlan Shah Kamaruzaman of HORIZON RACING TEAM logged in at 21’43:055s.

For the MSBK1000 B Class, Md Syukri Mat Zoki of ESRA RACING TEAM made the fastest in Race 2.

It seems like Syukri has upped his pace and further enhanced his performances in comparison to Race 1 yesterday. Taking the tenth spot on the grid, Syukri made some impressive moves throughout the race, progressively increasing his speed lap by lap.

It was not until the eighth lap that Syukri finally got ahead of the riders in the MSBK1000 B Class. From then on, he showcased the right manoeuvring skills and the control of the machine which led to him making the fastest time for the session.

Syukri concluded the race at 23’02:675s.

Commenting on the race, Syukri said, “It was really exciting to have obtained the P1 earlier. For Race 3, we will try to push further especially with the speed.”

“I wouldn’t say that I am confident with Race 3 but it is all about doing the best that we could. So, for sure we will try our best for the next challenge.”

Coming in at the second fastest spot was Teo Tew Joe of SAVITAR RACING at 23’05:525s.

At the third fastest spot, it was filled in by Khoo Chee Yen of MOBILUB SUZUKI RACING TEAM at 23’08:652s.

The MSBK600 Class, Race 2 saw a bold finish by Muhd Helmi Azman of BOON SIEW HONDA RACING TEAM when he grazed the finish line first.

Helmi was off to a good start when the race flagged off and with the unrivalled speed of the Honda machine, he was able to break ahead of Andi Farid who made a slight error in his move. Coming close behind the duo was Ibrahim who tried his best to play catch-up.

For eight laps, Helmi and Andi fought for the lead position. The menacing pressure from Andi did not overwhelm Helmi as the latter continued to hold on to his momentum. At the final lap, Andi took over the lead position but Helmi was not about to be defeated. Helmi immediately worked on his next move and is determined to make the cut this time around.

At the last lap, Helmi grabbed the opportunity to strike and took a swing ahead of Andi once again before bolting ahead to the finish line first.

Helmi concluded the race, logging in at 21’54:458s.

Commenting on the race, Helmi said, “It was an arduous race just like it was in Asia. Andi’s speed was amazing but I managed to overtake him when he made a mistake on the last lap.”

Clocking in second was Andi Farid Izdihar of ASTRA HONDA RACING TEAM at 21’54:801s.

Muhd Ibrahim Mohd Norrodin of SIC RACING who kept himself at the top three position clocked in third at 21’55:793s.

For the MSBK250 A Class, Muhd Idlan Hakimi of BOON SIEW HONDA RACING TEAM made his winning moves and bagged the top spot on the podium in Race 2.

With Farish Hafiy out for Race 2, the battle for the top three positions were among trio Idlan, Irfan and Emil. Idlan who took the second spot in Race 1 yesterday came in with a different mindset today and proved his prowess in what was seen as a challenging feat.

In the first three laps, the duo of BOON SIEW HONDA RACING TEAM was unbeatable and while Emil kept picking up speed, he just couldn’t find the race pace to break in between the tight gap. Meanwhile, Idlan who was taking the lead tried his best to guard his position however Irfan managed to slide ahead of him in lap 4.

By lap four, Emil managed to take lead with Irfan tailing and Idlan at P3. As the race heated up between the trio and with Idlan adamant to take the win, he managed to slide back ahead. For the remaining laps, he managed his pace well up to the chequered flag.

Idlan clocked in at 20’13:747ss.

Commenting on the race, Idlan said, “It was a challenging race today however I would never make the same mistake that I did in Race 1. I worked on the speed and controlled it the best way I could.”

“Happy to have made it today at the top spot. Thanks to my family and team members.”

Coming in at second place was Muhd Irfan Haykal Amidi at 20’13:879s.

At third place, Emil Idzhar Ezuan of SIC RACING made his best at 20’13:947s.

Meanwhile, for MSBK250 B Class, Muhd Amir Izzat Rozali of HORIZON RACING TEAM once again took the fastest score for Race 2.

Amir has definitely put on a good fight throughout the race in what seemed like a bumpy ride for him in the first few laps. While he juggled between positions in the first five laps, Amir managed to swerve right back ahead of the MSBK250 B Class riders, taking the lead from the sixth lap onwards.

From then on, Amir maintained his pace and remained consistent with his strides and completed the race first at 21’31:540s.

Commenting on the race, Amir said, “I managed to get P1 for both races so far and definitely I will give my best shot for the final race later.”

“The race was undoubtedly tough. But as a rider, these challenges are unforeseeable until the time of race. We shall see how it goes later for Race 3.”

At the second fastest place, Mohd Ezrix Syahriz of BUDAK KIMIA-JOND CHAIN LUBE RACING BY BRAAAP clocked in at 21’32:392.

Coming in at the third fastest was Muhammad Fauzi Hasan at 21’32:743s.

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