Roadtrippers 1.0 Kuala Lumpur to Phuket Day 4

Day four of our trip starts off with a lovely breakfast at Krabi Resort which sees a wide arrays of items with a number of cooking stations. They have the noodles and egg station as most do, but then they also have their grill breakfast meat station and even mini-yutiao station. Food was abundance and choices were great.

We had a quick breakfast and then head back to the villa do some swimsuit shoots for our swimsuit sponsor – Dee Eternity Swimwear with Angelyn Koay, our Asia Hottest Car Model. After a good hour of shoot, we had to pack up and start heading out to Phuket.

The drive to Phuket was easy, Highway 4 was dual carriageway from Krabi to Phang Nga and then turn southward through the famous Sarasin Bridge where Highway 4 turns into Highway 402 all the way to our hotel at Karon Beach on the Southern tip.

The 3 hours drive was smooth but after a miss, we did a U-turn to get up the slip road up the hill to our hotel for the night – the four-star Yama Hotel which sits majestically on top a hill overlooking the bay area.

After the check-in, we had a little rest in our 63 sqm suite room, which has a little balcony that overlook the bay – beautiful sight, a nice living area with a large LED-tv, a comfortable king size bed and the toilet is very nice with a stand-alone soaking tub right in the middle of the over-sized room.

This boutique hotel also comes with a nice free-form pool with a build in jacuzzi and have some pool-access rooms where guest can jump in and out of the pool from their patio.

After checking out the hotel, we headed out to lunch at Karon Seafood which is a rather big restaurant nearby Karon Beach. Although the hotel recommended us this restaurant, I felt the food was just ok and is also on the pricier end .. maybe because is in Phuket.

After lunch, we had a stroll down to Karon Beach and took some photos and had some ice-cream on the way back to the car.

From there we drove our KIA Sorento Turbo Diesel 2.2 with ease up the steep driveway to Big Buddha for a lovely sunset. We spent a good hour plus waiting for the perfect shade in the sky to capture some very nice photos and videos to be shared.

The Big Buddha is a 45m white marble statue that sits on top a hill that offers great panaromic view of Chalong Bay and when weather and visibility is good, you can see as far as Phang Nga Bay. However, the Big Buddha is still under construction with its base still at works.

There is a one-way up through the stairs to heaven and when coming back down, you have to be careful as the steps down are full of mischievous monkeys that would try to grab your food or shades or hat. The entrance is free to the Big Buddha but donations are most welcome as they try to complete the construction of this majestic statue.

After enjoying a beautiful sunset at Big Buddha, we drove down and headed out to Patong Beach and Bangla Street. However after a couple of rounds looking for a parking lot, we found one along the beach but in less than 15 minutes of walking along the shops along the beach, it started to pour but we managed to ran into the McDonalds at Patong Beach, took shelter a while and since the rain was still heavy, we decided to have McDonald’s for dinner and wait out the rain. However the rain did not stop so we had to run back to the SUV all soaking wet and drove back to the hotel.

The rain was pretty heavy and some parts of the road back from Patong to the Karon started to flood and luckily we had with us the tough KIA Sorento which we did manage to traverse pass flood water of easily two feet high without much problem. I guess this is one reason why we like to take out SUVs for roadtrips like this, in preparation for situations just like this.

We had a long day so all of us just headed to bed rather early … cant wait for Day Five where we are planning to head out to the few beaches on the southern side, the famous Wat Chalong and we will also move to a new hotel.

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