Roadtrippers 1.0 Kuala Lumpur to Phuket Day 6

Day six and our third day in Phuket starts off with a out-of-this world buffet breakfast spread that has a good mixture of international items as well as great local Thai dishes.  They have live-noodle stations and egg stations, wide choices of hot items which even includes the likes of green and red curries, phad thai, and their choices of pastries and bread are amazing at the Malika Terrace.

After a good breakfast, we went out to have some fun at the mini-golf course, and also check out the lovely quiet lap pool on the upper terrace. The morning view from the main infinity pool is also amazing with lots of people taking selfies and shots of the amazing scenery.

After all the fun, we were reluctant to leave Kalima Resort and Spa .. its just an amazing resort that I think everyone should experience at least once in their vacation life.  From Kalima Resort and Spa, we head up north towards the airport where we checked into this boutique hotel which is just about 5 minutes drive away from the airport, called The Maya Hotel Phuket.  This hotel is also just a short 5 minutes drive to the peaceful Naiyang Beach.

We got ourselves checked into their 40 sqm Grand Deluxe Poolview Room, a spacious room equipped with a super comfortable Maya Bed and comes with a nice marble bathroom.

After the check in we decided to have lunch at M Recipe, the hotel’s only dining outlet at that time (a new SOE club opens after our visit) as they were running a special buy one get one free buffet lunch. The buffet spread is acceptable, comes with a mixture of Thai and Western items – pad woonsen (fried glass noodles), tomyum, pasta, pepper chicken and etc. There were also a good selections of tropical fruits.  A very good buy for what we paid for.

After lunch, we head out the famous Baan Teelanka (Phuket Upside Down House). The property not only consist of the upside-down house, but also had a 1000 sqm A-Maze-In-Phuket, an outdoor 3-D museum, a 9D ride, The Drunk Room and the Escape Room. This is a must visit in Phuket and you can expect to spend a good hour and a half to two hours taking amazing photos and having a fun time.

We started with the A-Maze-In-Phuket, a labyrinth maze designed by world acclaimed maze designer, Adrian Fisher where it was fun and easy at the start but then the maze just got tougher, but fortunately we manage to find our way out.

From the A-Maze-In-Phuket, we went into The Drunk Room, and indeed this is a room you cant spend too long inside as you really get disoriented but it was an experience.

From The Drunk Room, we enter into the main attraction, the upside-down house. It seemed there are more and more of these upside-down houses popping up around the world, but this is was the first time I got into one but no worries there are people around the house helping you out, advising you how to take the photos to give you that upside-down feel.  There were many rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living area, dining area, an outdoor patio with bbq, computer room and even a tuk-tuk.

We had fun taking photos, but videos don’t work too well with this upside-down concept.

From the upside-down house, we went to experience the 9-D thrill ride, and we had a ball with it, taking a roller-coaster ride in the medieval time.

We didn’t go for the Escape Room because we were in a little rush, and didn’t want to get locked-up and cant figure our way out hahaha. So we wrapped up our visit to the Baan Teelanka Phuket with some nice photos in the outdoor 3-D museum.

From Baan Teelanka, we head out the Phuket’s latest and most popular night market hotspot- the Chillva Market.  The market is really young and hype, with very unique items, you dont see much repeats, and prices are also more realistic although bargaining is still welcome. There are all sorts of things found in this market, from fashion, electronics gadgets, accessories, etc to a great selection of food. A portion of the Chillva Market is made up of container bars and restaurants, which seemed to be quite popular with the market-goers. We were there a bit early but according to the shop owners, businesses do pick up when the sun goes down.

From Chillva Market, we head out for dinner at this Kopi de Phuket – an authentic restaurant for traditional Phuket-food. Located in Oldtown Phuket, the Kope de Phuket is a popular place among locals and tourist alike for some of the best Phuket food.

We had a good time, meeting up with the shop owner who introduced to us some of their all-time favorites and we definitely got a big dinner because everything was simply good although my personal is the crab meat balls. I have tried crab-meat balls in many places – Penang, Melaka, Hatyai but those found here in Kopi De Phuket was simply amazing – the whole balls is 100% crab-meat. The Old Phuket Braised Pork Belly was great as well as the Phuket Seafood Fry. Another main that we did enjoy much was the pan fried salmon.

We had a very satisfying meal here at Kopi De Phuket and I would recommend anyone who is heading out Phuket to try at least a meal here. The traditional Phuket food here is unlike any Thai food you might try around the island or anywhere in Thailand. You will definitely not regret it .. and don’t forget to try out their delicious Phuket coffee too.

Before you exit this restaurant, you can always check out the various khanom pneah or coffee mix for take away which makes pretty nice souvenir for you friends from Phuket.

Day Six for us was a packed but fun day in Phuket. The Baan Teelanka was a new experience while Chillva Market was a fresh new night market in town and what more to cap of the night with a wonderful traditional Phuket meal at Kope De Phuket.

Tomorrow we will be departing from Phuket to Koh Lanta .. continue to follow our journey ya.

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