TopzMall’s Women’s Day Promotions goes live commerce on March 4 to 8

With the help of internationally renowned Malaysian singer, Jeryl Lee Pei Ling, TopzMall ended a very successful CNY Goods Campaign with an overall sales that exceeds RM 2.2 million. Jeryl was able to successfully promote our local cultural products internationally during this campaign. The CNY Goods Campaign success was also attributed to the diversified sales strategies and courses for merchants.

The next campaign for TopzMall will be the upcoming Women’s Day Promotion where the platform will go on live commerce for five days from March 4 to 8. This campaign will meet customers’ shopping needs and desires with exclusive discounts for the Malaysian market. Through live commerce, the merchant is not only able to generate sales, but also a channel for consumers to understand the value of the product and to build trust in your brand so that they are able to purchase with confidence immediately or in the near future.

Merchants who join TopzMall today can participate in this upcoming TopzMall Women’s Day promotion where users can enjoy up to 80% discounts in their shopping. This promotion will feature any women related products such as fashion, clothing, shoes, jewelry, daily necessities, beauty and nail, perfume and etc. The first 100 merchants who onboard with TopzMall will receive the following benefits:
1) FREE Signup and Listing
2) Only a 3% Transaction Fee
3) FREE Training and Marketing Support
4) Access to more than 800 KOLs and Bloggers who are ready to promote
5) TopzMall Shipping Fee Subside

Scan on this QR Code to join TopzMall today

For shoppers, TopzMall Women’s Day is allowing you to grab the best products within a limited time!

Here is how to register and Shop at Topzmall

Apart from this Women’s Day Promotion, TopzMall will hold two more exclusive promotions in the next four months to bring the best quality products and best prices to all TopzMall Customers! The RAMADAN SALES will kick off for the whole month of April, and 6.6 Carnival starting from June 3 to June 9!

TopzMall was established in 2020 in Malaysia to cater to small business owners and brand managers across SouthEast Asia. The platform aim to create an e-commerce mini program which build up self-domain traffic that unlock sales channels by providing creative sales strategies to improve sales performance; adopt KOL marketing strategy to increase brand popularity, and offer one-to-one guide courses for Malaysia SMEs.

With a strong sales performance surpassing RM 16 million year over year and with strong support from well-known brands, TopzMall is determined to become one of the largest online shopping platforms in Asia.

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