One fantastic Thai social bar and restaurant in Straits Quay – Chili Head Social Bar and Eatery

The Chili Head Social Bar and Eatery has been operating in Straits Quay for slightly more than a year, but I have never noticed the place till I recently saw some photos on their Instagram sharing how lovely and authentic their Thai cuisine are. Best part of it, is it is not just a traditional restaurant but a cool place to hangout over some cocktails and great food.

Since I was doing some work nearby a couple of weeks back, I decided to check into the place to try out their fare ~ the tapas sampler and the pork platter looked so fine that we decided to order both of that plus a serving of MiangKham ~ a type of Thai Salad / Appetizer and we were already stuffed.

I was hoping my stomach would cooperate and allows me to have some entrees which look so fine but I guess not. But no worries, I will definitely return to the place for more.

Get back to the food we had ~ we ordered the pork platter and the tapas combo (for 2) as there were only three of us there that evening.

The tapas combo comes with 8 items on it – Vege Roll, Spring Roll, Moneybag, Massaman Samosa, Pandan Chicken, Thai Fish Cake, Fish Custard (Hor Mok) and Lemongrass Skewers. Guess what’s my favorite ~ the Massaman Samosa, Hor Mok and the Lemongrass Skewers were my standout although the Pandan Chicken being so well marinated and tender should be up there too.

Samosa, usually filled with our curry potatoes is slightly different here as they filled it with massaman spiced potatoes and chicken, and these triangle pastry are so delicious.

The lemongrass skewers meanwhile were wrapped with nicely marinated minced seafood – so so tasty, if I could, I would have more.

The Hor Mok or also known as our Otak Otak is packed with flavor and chunks of fish and I would say probably one of the best in town. This is the type of tapas combo you will wanna order if you’re there chilling with some friends over some beers or cocktails.

The pork platter meanwhile comes with 4 items – pork skewers, pork balls, herb sausage and grilled pork neck and is served with Thai sticky rice and dipping sauces. My favorite from this platter? Definitely the Moo Ping or the Pork Skewers and their so tender, so tasty grilled pork neck (Kor Moo Yang). Slightly heavier than the tapas combo, this platter is also another ideal order to share among friends in a chillout session.

The Miang Kham is eaten as a mixture of finely chopped shallots, ginger, dried shrimp, groundnuts, roasted coconut, onion, chili and lime and topped with their special homemade sauce all wrapped up in wild betel leaves. I am not a vegetable person, but i do kinda like this Miang Kham as you get a fabulous burst of taste with each bite of the roll. Kinda missed is as I am writing about it now.

Since we were quite stuffed with just the tapas sampler, pork platter and miang kham, we decided to skip the mains and go straight for their Khao Niao Mamuang (Mango Sticky Rice). The fresh Thai Mangos served with slightly sweetened glutinous rice and coconut milk was just like you’re having it across the border in Hatyai.

For someone like me who travels to Thailand more than 20 times a year for food and sight-seeing, I would say I am totally satisfied with the quality, taste and authenticity of the food here at Chili Head Social Bar and Eatery.

An evening will not be complete here at Chili Head without trying our their signature cocktails, and two that we recommend would be their Tom Yum Martini and their Chili Mojito ~ two superb contortion created exclusively by their bartender.

The outlet is nicely decorated in a mixture of Thai and Contemporary design – with one of the wall painted a large mural of a lady in traditional Thai outfit by a famous artist while another wall decorated with wire-art.

The eatery opens up to the marina which gives it a good vibe to sit and chill and enjoy the nice sea-breeze. Live music are played almost nightly here at Chili Head Social Bar and Eatery.

Service here is amazing and their staff are amazingly friendly and always attentive to your needs.

I will definitely be back and I can’t wait to get my stomach filled with some of their classic Thai cuisine.

So if you are looking to chill and wind down your day, do check out this Chili Head Social Bar and Eatery – where you can get great drinks alongside with amazing Thai food. The outlet is opened from 12pm to 1am daily.

Chili Head Social Bar and Eatery
3A-G-11 Straits Quay, Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang
10470 Georgetown, Penang

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