Georgetown, DaNang and Koh Phangan listed as Top 10 best cities for Digital Nomads

One of the outcome from the recent Covid-19 pandemic is the realization that many of us do not have to work at the office to get the job done. More companies are looking into the remote working concept and we don’t have to live quite as close to our workplaces as we did before.

With borders opening up soon, it is believe that more people will now look into the possibility of remote working in another country, which will enable them to travel while still earning an income.

According to a recent report in The National, an online platform that lists self-storage units for rent polled a number of digital nomads to come up with a list of the best destinations for remote workers and Storage Cafe found three Asian cities to be on the Top 10 based on their research.

A research on the 100 most recommended locations were rated based on 20 factors such like cost of living, quality of life, friendliness to foreigners, internet infrastructure, safety, healthcare, air pollution and entertainment.

DaNang in Vietnam emerges as the top destination from the research due to its affordable accommodation, ample co-working spaces and good levels of free Wi-Fi. The study showed an average rent for a studio apartment to be $370 per month and a typical dinner coming in at $3. The only negative metric of the city was traffic safety.

“DaNang is a beautiful city, not too large, but very lively and well-maintained; add to that the amazing food, friendly locals, and fabulous beaches and you’ve got the perfect place for a digital nomad.”

Cancun and Merida in Mexico came in second and third place respectively, due to its sunny and well-developed tourist resort as well as their time zone for the US nomads while the drawback on these two cities were their internet speed and access to healthcare.

Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia comes in fourth on the list with good cost of living, ample co-working spaces, good levels of free Wi-Fi and friendliness while traffic safety, population density and internet speed ranked lower.

The primary reasons the surveyed digital nomads make their decisions are primarily focused on cost of living followed by the presence of high-speed internet and the presence of a digital nomad community while quality of life is also important, such as good weather and the availability of excellent food and coffee.

This survey was done by Storage Cafe, a US-based online self-storage platform with remote workers from America.



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