Thap Pala Resort Khao Rup Chang ~ an amazing green resort minutes from the city of Songkhla

We had the chance to recently go to the city of Songkhla which is about 45 minutes drive from Hatyai, the largest city in Southern Thailand and our stay for the trip is in this eco-resort of Thap Pala Resort Khao Rup Chang.

Getting to Thap Pala Resort was a little difficult, as GoogleMap showed us two different locations on two different mobiles, so we went to the closer one and it was not the correct place, and the second one was the right location, the part of the route was cut off and it was late and dark. Apparently there is another much easier way of getting to the resort which we had no problem using after the first night. 

Finally we arrive at the resort at about 8pm and the resort was amazing. There are only 5 green-standard bungalows build amidst lush tropical greenery in the resort (for now) as the owner is slowly expanding this resort. The owner, as we came to know is an architect educated in Germany, and has lots of passion for green and traditional architecture and after his time in Europe, he decided to come back home and started designing and building Thap Pala Resort Khao Rup Chang.

The resort is not only green, but it is also very peaceful and very much one with the nature. Air is probably so much fresher here due to the lake, expansive greenery and the few waterfalls within walking distance of the resort.

There are three different types of bungalow design – two waterfront bungalows (with no pool), one waterfront bungalow with private pool and a lovely deluxe bungalow with private pool and all these bungalows are all built with timber but complies to green building index.

We stayed three nights at Thap Pala Resort Khao Rup Chang with the first night in the huge Deluxe Bungalow with Private Pool. 

Walking through the gates of the Deluxe Bungalow you will first come to a step-up where you will see the pool right in front of you with the main bungalow behind the pool. On your back there is an open terrace with large day bed and a living area (good place for a meal).  On a little to your side is uncovered pool deck with a couple of deck chairs.

Going into the main traditional Thai style bungalow lies a super king size bed, a living area and a work desk.

There is a huge open air bathroom with the toilet on upper level and for shower, you have to take a few steps down (and there are two shower heads if you wanna enjoy showering with your partner). The bathroom is build around some large trees and its amazing.

I am amaze by the way the bungalow is constructed because our first night there, it stormed and we go heavy rain and wind and I was just lying in bed wondering if we’re gonna get some water leakage but no, not a drop of water leaked in.

Our second and third night was at the smaller Waterfront Bungalow with Private Pool which comes with a King-size bed and a smaller living space.

Opening out towards the river is a deck with deck chairs and bed and a small private pool.

Opening on the other end leads you to the open bathroom which is equally impressive as the one in the Deluxe Bungalow and super spacious.

Breakfast is served every morning at the main building which has a little waiting area and a small kitchen with a dining hall for maybe 30 person. Breakfast pre-order the night before – having to choose between a choice of healthy American, healthy Thai or healthy porridge.

I chose all three – enjoying each of them each morning – I guess the most unique would be the healthy Thai – the traditional Southern Khao Yam. The healthy American is also a tad too healthy for me (haha I am not a vege lover) but is alright – I can enjoy the eggs and sausages while the fish porridge is pretty nice too.

Breakfast are served with brewed coffee but if you like to grind your own beans and make some lovely Doi Chaang Coffee (some say its the best Thai coffee). 

As for activities, there are not much to do except kayaking (they have a couple of kayak for use to go around the lake) and there is a walking / jogging / biking trail that goes to the other side of the lake and during the wet season, there are some lovely waterfalls that one can enjoy.   But going to Thap Pala Resort Khao Rup Chang means you wanna get back to nature .. its a good place to rediscover yourself if you ever felt lost in the concrete jungle or in the busyness of life.

Services are excellent here at Thap Pala Resort Khao Rup Chang. If you’re even hungry and didn’t want to leave the resort ground, you can actually have the staff to go takeout some excellent Thai food from the neighboring shops .. we had a couple of meals and it was superb.

Overall I would say Thap Pala Resort Khao Rup Chang is a lovely getaway from the bustling city life – but yet it is so close to Songkhla City where it only takes you like 5 minutes to get to.  

Thap Pala Resort Khao Rup Chang
moo 6, Songkhla – Nathawi Road, Suan Tool
Songkhla, Thailand 90000
Tel: +66 85 080 5995

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