Proton X70 opens for online booking starting October 17

The much anticipated SUV from Proton, the X70 will opened for online booking starting this Wednesday, October 17. Customers who are interested to place a booking for the X70 will be able to book and pay a deposit for their order at the Proton website and to promote the online booking channel, Proton will run a promotion for three days from October 17 where those who place a booking for the X70 will receive special gifts.

The X70 is powered by a 1.8 liter TGDi turbo-charged four cylinder petrol engine that produces 181 horsepower and 285 Nm of torque, matted to a six speed automatic transmission (with manual mode) and is available in four variants which are the Standard 2WD, Executive 2WD, Executive AWD and the Premium 2WD. Driver has three different drive modes to choose from – Normal, Eco and Sport, and you can tell which one is in effect by referring to a ring in the instrument cluster. In Normal mode, the ring will be in white, Eco is green and Sport is red – choosing the Sport mode will also sees changes to the digital tachometer.

There are five color options for customers to choose from (although some colors are only available for certain variants) namely Snow White, Armour Silver, Jet Grey, Cinnamon Brown and Flame Red. Interior wise, the Standard 2WD comes with Black Fabric, the Executive 2WD and Executive 4WD, Black Leatherette while the Premium 2WD comes in Brown Napa Leather.

The 1.7-tonne 2WD variants of the X70 does the 0-100 km/h in 10.5 seconds and claimed combined fuel consumption is 7.8 liters per 100 km (12.8 km/l).

In terms of specifications, the Standard 2WD gets the halogen headlamps, 17-inch alloys wheels and a reverse camera hooked onto its 8″ GKUI , while the Executive 2WD gets a pair of LED headlamps with LED daytime running lights and 18-inch alloys. For the Executive 2WD you will find leatherette seats, powered driver’s seat as well as live feed from 360-degree cameras. The Executive AWD meanwhile adds on the on-demand Borg Warner-developed all-wheel drive system and a tire pressure monitoring system. The range-topping Premium 2WD will come with Brown Nappa leather seats, powered front passenger seat, a panoramic sunroof and the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

Safety wise, all variants come with six airbags, ABS with EBD and brake assist, traction control, electronic stability control, hill start assist and hill descent control. The camera and radar-powered ADAS on the Premium 2WD will include autonomous emergency braking (AEB), adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning (LDW), blind spot information system (BLIS) and intelligent high beam control (IHBC). The X70 is expected to receive 5-star rating from ASEAN NCAP.

The X70 will be the first Proton to use voice recognition technology, has up to 9 speakers with power amplifier and sub-woofer and to cater to the phone addicts, six USB ports are available with five clustered in and around the center console box and one on the rear view mirror for dash-cam connection.

The X70 comes with an Integrated Cockpit Information System (GKUI), which will offer owners multiple functions via apps as well as the option to stay connected to the car via their mobile device.  It features an embedded eSIM card, and is pre-loaded with five applications, offering services such as online radio, online music, navigation, weather forecasts and voice recognition. An 8-inch TFT 1280 x 720 full color display Android based touchscreen interface with 16 GB of internal memory is used to access the apps and other car functions and the unit which has Wi-Fi connectivity can also be used as a mobile hotspot.

Other functions of the GKUI includes Bluetooth connectivity and GPS navigation on Baidu Map with live traffic status. Waze can also be used, but requires smartphone mirroring.

Proton will be partnering with Celcom to provide the e-SIM service (separate subscription-based package) which customer has to register when he or she takes delivery of the vehicle. Owners can then pair their car with their personal mobile device via Proton Link and create a profile of their driving thanks to the on-board telematics that can record data such as distance traveled, available fuel level, fuel economy, journey time, average speed, as well as service intervals. A remote control function also lets you check if the doors are locked, activate the horn and lights, as well rolling up and down the windows. There is even a “find my car” function that owners can find useful when parking in a huge and unfamiliar parking complexes.

The system also comes equipped with voice command, working very much like Siri or Google Assistant, activation is initiated through a specific command, in this case “Hi Proton.”

Voice command is  available for vehicle operation such as winding the window up/down, operation of the sunroof, setting air-conditioning temperature, GPS navigation, music app, and phone operation but more command will be added on in the near future.

The voice command currently is only available in English and owners have a choice of a male voice named Tom or a female one, named Ava.

“The GKUI system in the X70 allows owners to stay almost constantly connected to their car. It’s an active two-way system that allows for multiple options to fit the preferences of individual owners. In the future, the ability to download additional apps will also be offered and just like mobile devices, it means no two cars will be exactly alike,” said Proton Edar CEO Abdul Rashid Musa.

Audio-wise, the Standard 2WD, Executive 2WD and Executive AWD variants come equipped with an eight-speaker system (a tweeter and a mid-bass driver on each door), complete with a power amplifier while the Premium 2WD increases the speaker count to nine with the inclusion of a sub woofer, mounted in the boot.

Proton has not released the pricing for each of the variants yet but some rumored the prices will start from RM85,888 upwards.

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