Lucaffe Asia ~ a new Italian artisan coffee joint serving some of the best fusion food right here in the UNESCO heritage Georgetown

Located on Jalan Kampung Kolam and Carnarvon Street at the edge of the UNESCO heritage zone of Georgetown, Penang lies a new Italian artisan cafe called Lucaffe Asia, one that serves some of the best Italian brew in town alongside with some great fusion food.

I had a chance to drop by for dinner at this colonial-styled joint recently and also the opportunity to chat with the owner about himself and the cafe.  Seemed like he has been involved with the “food industry” since his younger days where he volunteered in church every week to cook for the masses after Sunday service and from there gained his experience working in the industry. But his love for cooking starts even at an earlier age where he told me how he won the cooking competition in his church in Penang, cooking up his grand mother recipe of Loh Ark (braised duck). So rest assured he is passionate about his food.

Bring forth to today ~ Alan has bought the franchise rights to a small but fast growing Italian Artisan Roaster by the name of Lucaffe from Brescia, Italy. Lucaffe was founded by Gian Luca Venturelli back in 1996 and has been growing rapidly to more than 50 countries over the past 20 years.

Coupled with his expertise in fusion culinary, Alan opened up the first Lucaffe Asia here at the edge of the UNESCO Heritage Site of Georgetown, providing his diner a casual comfortable bright dining environment in the old colonial styled house. Diners have the options of seating alfresco-style by the sidewalks or on either floors of their shop. Upper floor is more for group dining as it is more spacious.

Lucaffe Asia‘s key to success will not only rely on the quality brew of Lucaffe but also on the expertise of Alan’s fusion cooking skills. Currently Lucaffe Asia bakes their own bread and pastries daily (which they also distributes to many cafes in town), makes their own burger patties, marinade their own chicken and prepares their own pasta sauces. They also serves varieties of breads and cakes at their outlet here in Carnarvon Street.

So what did we have for dinner then …

One of us had their creamy Fettuccine Carbonara with Iced Mocca … the fettuccine was cooked perfectly and mixed  with a creamy carbonara sauce cooked with fresh mushrooms, turkey ham topped with parmesan cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Another friend had the Roasted Chicken with Pasta al Pomodoro and tossed salad alongside with an iced latte. The roasted chicken was well marinaded and roasted to perfection so that the meat was juicy and tender. The Pasta al Pomodoro was cooked well and the sauce was mixed evenly throughout, giving you that burst of flavor with each bite. I am not a salad person but I can see the salad is nicely tossed and well presented. The iced latte was nice and strong (as ordered) as in Lucaffe Asia you can actually order your coffee decaffeinated, normal or strong.

Finally I think I got the best amongst all – the oblong beef burger which was served in freshly baked buns. The self made burger patties was big, and juicy with wonderful flavoring and wrapped in a fried egg and then served in a soft bun made earlier in the morning at their own bakery with cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. Since my two friends had the iced drink, I decided to go with a hot Italian cappuccino which i enjoyed so much that I ordered another one after.

Overall I would say the Italian artisan brew was just how I like it – smooth while the food are amazing. My burger was soft and juicy, the roasted chicken was so tender with great flavoring. The pasta was cooked perfectly and the carbonara sauce was tasty, creamy but not cloyed.

So if you are in town and looking for a nice hangout place for lunch or dinner, do swing by this lovely casual outlet.

Lucaffe Asia
30 Jalan Kampung Kolam (opposite UNESCO Heritage Building on the start of Carnarvon Street)
10100 Georgetown
Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +6012 419 3119

Oh by the way, Lucaffe Asia is also one of the outlets here in Penang that carries this very special Mocktale drink as well as the new all-natural local herbal brew in OCT.

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