20% discounts on Penang Bridge toll for those with RFID tags

PLUS Malaysia will be extending a 20% discount on toll charges on the Penang Bridge for private vehicle users who have the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag on the vehicles.

The discount will be available from the middle of July 2020 is only for those motorist who are either studying or working in Penang or are resident of Penang. In order to qualify for the discount, the motorist must have a letter to show he or she is studying at an institution of higher learning or from the employer with an address on the island.

At least 20% of vehicles crossing the Penang Bridge are expected to benefit from the lower rate which will be RM4.59 instead of the current RM5.74.

This discount is somewhat similar to that enjoyed by Penangites who has their Touch and Go Tag registered and its now also available on their RFID tag.

PLUS has been encouraging the use of the RFID tag which will promote faster and more efficient passage through toll plazas, and reloads can be done online, thus reducing the need to be in close contact with personnel at the toll plazas.

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