RM 50,000 fine for flying drones without permit in Malaysia

Over the past years, drone has become affordable and it’s has grown to be a popular hobby among Malaysians. You will see drones around neighborhoods and parks of late, capturing the beauty of the country from above.

However, drone pilots should be aware that they need to apply for permit from relevant authorities before flying their drones in public places. While the hobby is technically allowed under the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM), those individual caught flying their drones in public places without a permit can be fined up to RM 50,000 or three years in jail or both. However for corporate organization who failed to apply for the permit, the fine can goes up to RM 100,000.

So how do you apply for this permit?

  1. Log on to CAAM website and download the registration forms here and fill in the details for your drone
  2. Send in the completed application to

Applications are usually processed within 14 days so please do so immediately after you purchase your drone and wait till you receive your permit before embarking on your maiden flight to avoid getting fined or jailed.

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