10 Favorite Food Spots under 80 baht in Hatyai

Hatyai is one of my favorite destination in Southern Thailand as you can find lots of affordable and delicious food here. I spend a lot of time here and this is a list of my favorite food outlets in town where you can get a good delicious meal for less than 80 baht (most of them around 50 baht).

You can find the location of these places by clicking on the name of the outlet as it serve as a link on GoogleMap to each of the places.

Anusawaree Famous Boat Noodles 2 – Located on Thanon Polpichai on the westside of town, Anusawaree Famous Boat Noodles 2 serves some of the best Khao Soi (Lanna-styled Curry Noodles or Rice) as well as amazing Traditional Boat Noodles. Personally I love their Khao Soi with Rice as well as their Dry Boat Noodles. You will surely find me here during lunch or dinner time in all my trips in Hatyai.

Mr Tom Pork Leg Rice – This is one of my favorite place to have Braised Pork Leg Rice in Hatyai. A little hidden from the main roads, but super good. Everyone that I brought here loved it too. So you are a fan of Braised Pork Leg Rice, do check out this place. One of my favorite lunch spot in Hatyai.

Run Khop Khun Tomyum NoodlesRun Khop Khun is my favorite place for tomyum noodles, period. The soup is very flavorful and not overly spicy and the ingredients are fresh and nice. They have few options of toppings for you to choose from – seafood, fish, shrimp, squid or bouncing meatballs. Personally, I love their seafood and bouncing meatball. This is one of my favorite late breakfast or lunch spot in Hatyai.

Pad Thai Ar-Karn – I used to think all pad-thai taste the same til I try out Pad Thai Ar Karn, then I realize there is Pad Thai Ar-Karn and there is pad-thais. Expect a queue at this place, but you can always get a side of fish maw soup (though it will burst your 80baht budget) at the stall beside the Pad-Thai Ar-Karn. Very nice too.



Hong Thong Noodles – This is definitely a place where locals will come for the best Crab Meat Wanton Mee in Hatyai and yes it is really good. The Honey BBQ and Roast Pork are also highly recommended. Definitely one of my favorite breakfast place in Hatyai.

Ko-Aoun Sala Pau – I don’t come here to Ko-Aoun often but they do serve some delicious Sala Pau in town, so much so that now they have opened up branches in Bangkok. I will usually eat here for supper or light dinner and most of the time for take-away. So if you are looking for supper in Hatyai, this would be the place to come.

ร้านราชาเนื้อตุ๋น RACHABEEF – So far I find RachaBeef to be the best beef noodles (or rice) place that I have tried in Hatyai. The beef soup is very flavorful and the meat are superbly tender. Definitely a must try if you are a beef lover. This place is good for lunch or dinner.

ข้าวต้มรถแดง – Red Truck Koay Chiap – This “Red Truck Koay Chiap” only opens late in the evening (if not mistaken after 730 pm on the five-foot way opposite of Kim Yong Market. Very tasty nice koay chiap as its very thin and the soup is lovely, however slightly difficult to get parking around. Suggest maybe park at Lee Garden and walk over here. You will not miss the red pick-up truck that this Koay Chiap is sold.

อะ-นง ข้าวมันไก่ – Its a corner Coffee-shop just as you turn into Hatyai Big Market (opposite Clock Tower) from Petchkasem Road. They do have quite a number of nice food stalls, but my favorite here is their Khao Man Kai (Kampung Chicken Rice). Rice is fragrant and the chicken is smooth and tender. I also like to get some of their blood cubes in soup to go with the rice.

ร้านกุ๊กเสริฐ – Don’t think this place has an English name but its a simple rice stall within a small food court in Sritang area (opposite of Prince of Songkhla University). There are a lot of choices of single-dish rice meal and food is rather cheap (under 50b per plate). Only draw back for this place is people speak very minimal English and menu is in Thai, so you need to know some Thai or have a Thai friend to eat here, but you can always go for the basic like Pad Krapao.

These are some of my favorite places for food under 80-baht when I am in Hatyai and I find their taste suits me just fine. I will continue to explore and share more places to eat here, and do feel free to try my recommendations and feel free to comment here.

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