Ruen Morakot Restaurant ~ a hidden gem to be discovered

One of the most amazing Thai restaurant that we came about in the Krabi area is this place called Ruen Morakot Restaurant. The restaurant is located about an hour and fifteen minutes from Ao Nang beach but if you are heading out to the must-see Emerald Pool or Sa Morakot, the restaurant is just at the entrance of the amazing pool. This is also a place situated in between Trang and Krabi if you are driving and would be a worthwhile pit-stop if you are a tad hungry from the drive.

We had the opportunity to stop by for a lunch at the restaurant before we head out to the Emerald Pool (unfortunately due to the torrential rain, we had to give the Emerald Pool a miss). We were greeted by the courteous owner of the restaurant as we ran in from the rain and she sat down with us to give us a short introduction of her five-year old restaurant as well as how they formulate their recipes which is through lots of sampling and picking up what’s best around the country.

She also introduced some of the popular choice dish served at the restaurant such as the famous fried chicken wings (which she wanted to make sure is better than KFC), her amazing cashew nut chicken and their signature Kengsom Pla.

Apart from the few signature dish, we were also served a deep fried snapper which was so nice and crispy on the outside but amazingly tender and juicy on the inside. The snapper is served with the home-made spicy sour seafood namjim that is simply incredible.

We also had the perfect Tomyum Talay which I felt had the right balance of sourness and spiciness with the freshest seafood mixture of clams, squid, and shrimps.  We also had a few vegetable dishes such as the shrimp with stinky beans which I kept at bay because I hated those beans but the rest of my colleagues loved it to death. Another vegetable dish we had was the Pak Miang Phad Thai, which for a non-vegetable eater like me, I still find it delicious and sweet 🙂

Finally one of my personal favorite is the stir-fry sea-bass with celery ~ the sea-bass is cooked to perfection, with a little spiciness from the chili blended so well with the fragrant celery. Amazing dish I would say.

Overall I would say Ruen Morakot Restaurant serves really good food and fresh Thai food and if you are somewhere nearby I would strongly encourage a visit. If you are visiting the Emerald Pool, then I would say this is a must-eat restaurant.

For more details or bookings, you can contact them at:

Ruen Morakot Restaurant
17/13 Moo 2, Khlong Tom Nua
Khlong Tom, Krabi, Thailand 81120

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