5 good reasons to visit Koh Lanta during the low season

Koh Lanta is a quaint lovely island in the province of Krabi and is about an hour drive either from Trang or Krabi.  The island is rather un-touch with pristine beaches, friendly people and a lovely strip called Lanta Old Town.

There are two islands that makes up the Lanta Islands which is Lanta Noi and Lanta Yai. One will take a short ferry ride (with cars and motorcycles) from Hua Hin Pier (which is about 30km on Route 4206 off Highway 4 between Trang and Krabi) to Lanta Noi and from there you will take a short drive on the island to the Siri Lanta Bridge into Lanta Yai where the most of the population are at.

From Koh Lanta one can easily travel out to the many little islands surrounding it or head out to the popular Koh Phi Phi. were recently at Koh Lanta last month and since it is considered low-season for Koh Lanta between May and October, we thought it would be the best time for us to visit and here are the five reasons why we went and thought that you should too.

Hotel Prices Slashed

One of the cheapest time to visit Koh Lanta is surely during the low season. Hotels rates can be slashed as much as 70% during these months. So are spa sessions rates. A very good example, the private pool villa that we stayed at Crown Lanta Resort and Spa cost 18000 baht during the high season but only 6000 baht in July.  So instead of just getting a  normal room, you can enjoy your lovely private pool villa for the same kind of budget.

With just the hotel discount, we save a whopping 48,000 baht or about RM 6,000 excluding spa sessions, meals and etc.

So if you are looking for a budget trip or an upgraded trip for the same budget, do plan to go during the low season.

Not Crowded

The second reason we chose the low season was due the crowd. Although Koh Lanta is not a highly populated island, we love the feeling of having the whole beach to yourself or not having to wait for your food in the restaurants.  Thus going in the low season would be our preference.

How else would you have the opportunity to snap a photo standing in the middle of the road on Lanta Old Town like this 🙂

Good Personalized Service

With lower tourist arrival into Koh Lanta, you can be assured that the service you are getting at the hotel or restaurant or spa or any attractions are a lot better and in hotel you are likely to be greeted by your name since there is not many names for the staff to remember.  They will also tend to understand your needs and remember them better. How lovely to be at a place where people know what you like and what you want.

Not So Hot

For us Asians, we hate the sun and the low season, you’ve got a chance to get some clouds and some rain showers but for us in July, it was intermittent so I would say the cloudy day makes visiting attractions more comfortable. Only thing you don’t get so much blue skies in photos and gosh we miss those lovely sunsets.

You Are So Welcomed Everywhere You Go

Since there is not that many tourists around during the low season, hotels, restaurants, shops, attractions all make you so welcomed because everyone is hungry for any business they can get during this low season. So instead of rushing with the crowd and feel unappreciated, now you can feel how is it like to be a VIP everywhere you go.

So why not .. lets make a trip out to Koh Lanta during these low season.

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