Penangites to enjoy probably the first ever drive-thru nasi kandar outlet in the world

Penang is not only the home to the best nasi kandar in Malaysia, but soon it will be the home to probably the first ever drive-thru nasi kandar outlet in the world.

Hussain Nasi Kandar is well known for their delicious curried-dishes and has managed to branch out all over Malaysia overtime. However, their next outlet will be something different – something not seen anywhere else in the world – a Drive-Thru Nasi Kandar outlet and its will be located near the Sungai Dua Toll Plaza beside the Caltex station. This is definitely a genius idea, taking into consideration the current pandemic where more people are going for deliveries and take-away orders.

Its website announce that it will be starting up its operations this month (November 2020) has already started its recruitment of staff and crew. From the design (and photos on its website), it looks like its going to be a decent drive through restaurant with a proper drive-thru lane.



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