Wrap N’Go ~ your authentic semi-quick service outlet for great middle-eastern food

Looking for a healthy quick bite around the Central Market or Chinatown area in KL? We were in the area recently and checked out this nice clean semi-quick service (mostly take-away although there are two tables for dine in) outlet called Wrap N’Go.

Wrap N’Go serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian wraps (and some other items too). We tried out a few of their signature dishes and I would say they are as authentic as they can be and suits our taste-buds well.

We started off with their Caesar Shawarma Salad followed by a few lovely Falefel with their Tahina Sauce. Falefel are deep fried ground chickpea balls, an ideal vegan protein substitute and here at Wrap N’Go you can have vegetarian Shawarma Wrap with these falefel instead of the usual chicken shawarma. The falefel are nice .. crispy on the outside while its soft and moist on the inside and it carries a nice spice and peppery flavor.

Next up was another vegan dish, the hummus bowl which if you are not familiar is a spread made with chickpea and is usually served with a soft bread loaf. The hummus here is really creamy and slightly nutty and goes well with the warm bread.

For the main, we decided to go with one Shawarma Cheesy Wrap and a Mandi Rice Classico. The Shawarma Cheesy Wrap comes with flavorful and tender chicken cuts, crispy fresh green bell peppers, grilled onions and mozzarella cheese with its own special sauce. Shawarma are one of the most common food in the middle eastern region and here at Wrap N’Go, you get a truly authentic and delicious serving of this easy to eat wrap.

The Mandi Rice Classico bowl comes with a good portion of shawarma chicken slices, boiled egg, a bowl of salad and a curry sauce. The rice is well cooked and nicely spiced with the mild curry gives the Mandi rice additional oomph to compliment our stronger taste-buds. I loved their Mandi Rice Classico as I find it well spiced as I have tried few others and I find them too bland for my liking – but this was great.

My experience here at Wrap N’Go is definitely a good one and I would definitely look forward to coming back for more. Parking here can be a slight challenge now especially the Central Market parking lot is closed but worry not as you can get Wrap N’Go delicious food through Food Panda, DeliverEat and GrabFood too.

Wrap N’Go
50-G (C1) Jalan Hang Kasturi
50050 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +6012-3342018

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