RM 7 All You Can Take Chinese Economy Rice in Bandar Puteri

Looking for an affordable lunch in Puchong area?

Why not check out this economy rice stall at Restoran 228 Restoran in Bandar Puteri who is offering a “All You Can Take” Chinese Economy Rice for RM 7. Yes you heard me right .. stack your plate as high as you like with the choice of wonderful, tasty dishes on the “buffet line” for just a fix price of RM 7.

When I was there a few days back, there were a good selection of chicken and pork dishes, vegetables and some seafood. The food options are good, or at least suited to my liking and the items are quite tasty.

I took a plateful of food too .. had two scoops of bak kut teh, three pieces of Korean fried chicken, two scopes of sweet and sour pork, two scoops of fried pork belly, one scoop of curry chicken, fried chicken wings and three fried eggs.

I enjoyed my sweet and sour pork, the Korean fried chicken and also curry chicken. The bak kut teh is slightly too light for me.

Oh, with every order, you can also get free soup, which was a chicken and corn soup on that day. However, no free Chinese tea like some of the economy rice places.

For breakfast, this stall does sell nasi lemak but I am not certain if there is a all you can take nasi lemak promo or not.

228 Restoran
Jalan Puteri 5/1, Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong, Selangor Darul Ehsan

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